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Meet Chris 

There's no denying that the internet has profoundly changed how we can work together in our current day and age.  


Communication is fast and powerful with feature-rich filesharing capabilites.  This means that individulas who work well as a team are no longer required to live in the same geographical area and huddle into a shared and expensive office -the costs of which are just some of the overheads that often pass on to the customer. 


I'm Chris, and I love to design and build websites.  I am what is known as a 'front end developer', which means I design and make websites that fit my client's needs.  I would meet with you, work to understand your goals and propose solution in design, functionality and the overall user experience for yourself and your website viewers.  


A few analogies that may help you:


1)  You might hire a tailor who would design your clothing, suggest and source the most suited materials and then fit the new clothing to your exact measurments for that professional and perfect 'tailored' outfit, but the tailor doesn't make the textiles.  


2)  Or you may hire an interior designer to design and outfit your new business premises to suit your business goals, needs and intended customer experience, but they don't personally make the cabinets and tables and chairs.  


I enjoy meeting with clients, sharing the passion of their dream and helping it become a reality, using my experience of design and front-end coding to create a website that is tailored to the needs and requirements of my clients.  


So...Nebula Designs?

Nebula Designs is how I have established myself in the world of online services.  As a, primarily, one man venture, it comes with that personal and friendly service you might liken to the old-fashioned greengrocer who knew all our parents by name.


Still, Nebula Designs has the powerful resources of an international team of fellow designers, coders and freelancers who make up the business team that I enjoy working with.  Whether I choose to build your website at my home office or sitting in a bustling cafe, the fellow professionals I liaise with to run over design ideas or  troubleshoot code are a click away, fast, efficient and there's nothing owed between friends.  


Some people swing around on their office chair and ask their colleague for an opinion...I take a sip of my mocha and start up a group chat with people I have built a mutually beneficial professional relationship with.  And I love it.  


I may, one day, decide to establish an offical team as the core of Nebula Designs, but it will never have walls...or a water cooler...or a vending machine. 

I value this working model and also consider it the best way to work for my customers and keep rates as affordable as possible.


As it stands, Nebula Designs has all the strengths of a bustling office, a great team, your personally appointed web designer (that would be me) who will oversee your entire project with a professional, personal and friendly manner...and no costly overheads that increase the prices that you pay.




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