The first thing we need to establish is what you need in a website...and this doesn't actually begin with what colours you love, how big you'd like your logo to be or if you'd like animation whizzing around your home page.  


It starts from the perspective of your customer and progresses to how we can give them the optimum user experience as they explore your website when looking for a product or service. 


Here is a simple run through of the process, from start to finish.  


So, it all starts with a coffee

We'll discuss your business, its character and make up and how you would like it to be perceived, we'll establish the functionality and tone of your website and prioritise those aspects that matter to your potential customers.  


Our aim is to give them what they want...and as quickly and as smoothly as possible.  And, of course, we'll also take a look at the types of websites that you are interested in and pick out aspects that you would like to have in your own site.  Our discussions will cover function, layout, branding colours, logo and what content you plan for your site.  



Proposal of website layout and functions

It's highly likely that we'd have established most of the website plan in our first meet up, but assuming we didn't completely nail down the general flow and necessary pages, you'll soon be emailed to view your website wireframe plan on the nebula site.  


You'd simply sign in and take a look at your info section to view the plans.  The plan will generally highlight what features on your menu and where they lead when your customer clicks the button.  Think of this as the skeletal structure of your website, and once this plan is approved by you, we move onto the next stage and start to flesh it out with colours and visual design.


Proposal of website page theme and design

This is where you'll start to feel it all coming together.  


Now that we know what you need and want on each page, it's time to make it look fantastic.  Using the colour schemes, design themes and references to websites you would like to take inspiration from, we'll design three initial themes and layouts that bring that skeletal structure to life.  The plans will be viewable as images of one or two pages of the website and will demonstrate the use of colour, the look of the menus and use of graphics.  


Simply choose the design that you love and speak your mind on any aspects you'd like tweaked or changed so that we can discuss these.  In the unlikely event that you don't like any of them, we can take time to discuss and refine the ideas you have and run up some new designs.


Once we get the go ahead, it's time to start building your website. 


Construction Begins

Depending on your website, this can take as little time as a couple of days or a week or two.  While you are able to take a peek at any point, it would always be recommended that you wait for a 'reveal' when you can get the initial first time user experience in its full.  Once the website is ready and tested for mobile function, you will be invited to view and review.  We can discuss any niggles or need for change, and once we're all happy, it's time to transfer your site to your own hosting package, retest...and then LAUNCH!


While we are busy chipping away at the code and configuring your modules and components to theme and function, we'd also have helped you with getting your hosting ready.  Unlike many web design agencies, we do not host our clients websites because we believe that you should always be in control...and, truth be told, it's also much cheaper and safer for you to use larger and more established webhost companies.  


Our recommendation is Hostpapa, which offers the best packages for personal or small businesses and their customer service is superb.  In fact, it's the only host we actually use or recommend.  


3,2,1 LAUNCH

Your hosting is set up, the website is built to design and function and has been's all good to go. 


As you launch your website, you'll recieve a PDF information pack that will contain all of your hosting information, website usernames and passwords, as well as illustrated step by step instructions on how to perform all necessary tasks for your site; these include changing or updating content, using your emails, signing into your admin area and anything else that is necessary.  We'll also sit down together for a one to one tutorial on how to sign in and use your new website.  


If you would like a presentation for all staff who would have administration duties, this can be arranged. You can also come back to Nebula Designs and view the tutorials that show how to perform most tasks on our client websites.  


If however you need to get in touch and ask for help, that's absolutely fine!  Simply sign in and submit a support ticket.  From the moment of launch, we offer online support while you get used to your website. 

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So, how about that coffee?






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