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Pricing a website can be a little difficult due to the diverse nature of any client's business, needs and preferences. 

However, we aim to make it affordable for you to enjoy a strong and rewarding online presence.  

Our goal is to ensure that even if your budget is smaller to begin with, you are investing in a website that can develop with your business and requirements.  

When you purchase a Nebula Website, it is scalable from a simple one or two page initial web presence, all the way up to a fully catalogued online store, complete with staff portals and customer sign in

So if you need to start small...that's okay!


Our prices begin at £200

As a great kickstart, you can enjoy one of our Nebula Quickstart PRE-MADE websites.  


This is a pre-made that we've created, which offers all the essential features we believe are necessary for such websites, in a style and layout that is specific to each. Take a look at what we have and simply envision your own logo and text, your own photos and content within the design.  

Once you've found a template you would like, you simply need to purchase it.  We will help you set up your hosting and then install the website, before assisting you with adding your own content.  


Using our templates is as simple as signing in and adding a photo or text, much like you would upload a file to Facebook or add text in a word processor!  There are also options to change colour and other functions, according to each template's specifications. 

So, if you're looking for a quick start kickstart to taking yourself online, this package is ideal for hobby sites to small businesses, pubs, venues and services.

We'll try to cap bespoke design at £5000

If you don't feel one of our templates is for you, we offer bespoke web design that will serve your needs.  

Ecommerce, for example, is an extremely important feature in websites, and we can offer basic ecommerce for as little as £300, with some additional small costs for setting you up with a catalogue system that will make keeping track of and updating your products an easy and quick process.  


The best idea would be to get in touch for a FREE QUOTE, once we've discussed what you have in mind. 

For more in depth information, please visit our FAQ section.  

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