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Tweet Tweet Designs is a small, independent craft gifts business that previously relied upon word of mouth and Facebook as its method of marketing.

Abby was looking for a cost effective way to expand her business and gain more control over how her products were viewed and purchased.

The Challenge

The challenge here was to find ways to convey both the cute charm of the hand-crafted and sentimental nature of Tweet Tweet Designs, while still demonstrating the professional, clean and reliable with which the products are made and presented.

Abby was after a clean and fresh website that would appeal to her female target market in visual design, ease and simplicity of use and lead her consumers to see the potential of her products as a perfect gift.  It also needed to be a fully functioning E-Commerce website which also retained and expanded upon the 'sharing' functionality that had become so important in her social media (primarily Facebook) marketing up until that point.   

The Solution

Our solution was to perfectly encapsulate her products in a clean and minimalist, base white website which brings focus to the visuals of the colours, design and sentiment that are displayed in her products.  Product shot banners immediately grab the attention and quickly convey the bespoke service offered by Tweet Tweet designs.  With the use of favourite colours that feature in her products, the menu and home page sections guide the user to explore various aspects of what is offered, with a teaser display of what's in store with a "Popular Designs" section. 

The store is a simple and user friendly experience, where users can filter products with the occasion or design sentiment they are buying for.  Once on a product page, the user can view a product shot more closely, select any customisations that are offered and proceed with full cart and checkout functionality.  

In order to maintain Tweet Tweet Design's social media presence, but lead it more effectively back to the new online store, the Tweet Tweet Designs website features one of our premium blog packages, which Abby can update with pictures, videos or text, even on her mobile.  With each post sharing automatically to any chosen social network directly from the website, Abby is able to attract existing and potential customers directly to her website with any update or blog post.  

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