Helix Quickstart

A feature rich and customisable quickstart package that's ready to take your business to the next level

The Helix Quickstart is a fully mobile responsive package from Nebula Designs that is ready to go as soon as you are.  

With easy cusomisation options and content management, you can have your business online within hours, and all with a full featured website that can further grow with your team and business.


If you run a professional services business, such as in accounting or legal services, the Helix Quickstart is a complete website package which looks slick and professional while being packed with features that are important for your business and, ultimately, for your customers.

Designed, primarily, for professional services, the Helix is aesthetically pleasing while remaining focused on effective presentation of services and your work team.  

The features of the Helix Quickstart will enable you to present yourselves as approachable, knowledgeable and professional.

1)   Introduce your business and your staff members with an About section and UNLIMITED staff profiles

2)   List the services you offer with UNLIMITED pages in your services catalogue

3)   Present your expertise in your industry with a helpful advice and information section.  This serves to draw potential customers to your website as they seek after helpful knowledge while establishing trust toward you and your team as an AUTHORITY IN YOUR INDUSTRY

4)   Collect TESTIMONIALS from your clients and use those to gain trust with prospective customers by presenting them on your homepage.

Let's have a closer look at some awesome features

  • Staff Profiles

    Put a friendly face to the service with a full profiling of your work force, complete with background bio and social links.

  • Link staff to their departments and services

    Your staff can be linked direclty to the services they specialise in and take most responsibility for

  • Individual Staff Blogs

    Each staff member can submit to your Help & Advice blog section regarding their own area of expertise.

    Articles that draw customers to your website link to the staff profile and encourage contact for further help, advice and services.

  • Clients can submit testimonials

    Request testimonials from your clients and they can easily do so by visiting your website and submitting written or video reviews!

    For added authority to their words of confidence, they can add their company and role.

  • Moderate your reviews

    Once your clients have submitted their reviews, you can moderate them from your website administration area and publish them as necessary

  • Easy Publishing

    With one click, your testimonials will add themselves to the slider on your homepage

  • Full featured services pages

    Each service you provide needs to be presented in its own right, so the Helix Services pages offer a range of features to help you effectively communicate how you can be of service to your customers.

    With an optional image and list fields in which to present information quickly and effectively, you can further explain your services with full text presentation using a simple text editor system.

    You can also choose to feature the Print page or Email function, as well as the Social Share buttons to enable your clients to spread the word on your business.

    Services pages also feature optional commenting and star rating functionality.

  • Mass Mailing & Subscription

    When your customers offer their email, your marketing strategy immediately increases in potential of success.

    With the installed Mailing component, your website users can easily add themselves to your mailing list, so you can easily contact your potential or existing customers with regular newsletters, promotional updates and reminders about your business.  

    Create your own newsletter templates or customise the existing templates and enjoy a mass mailing solution that is native to your own website.

    You are in control!

  • Easy to customise (NO CODING)

    Want to change your website colours?  NO PROBLEM.  

    Simply sign into your website and use the colour pickers in your administration area! 

    Want to change your website images?  NO PROBLEM.  

    Simply sign in and navigate through your website, using the appropriate image upload functions 

    That's it! 

The Helix Quickstart is perfectly suited to professional businesses such as those dealing in law, accounting or insurance

Take a look at the Helix demo site

Main Helix Features

Staff Profiles

Add as many staff profiles as you need with individual administration sign in and services they offer

Integrated Testimonials System

Let your clients tell everyone how reliable and trustworthy you are.

The simple to use testimonials system dynamically adds new reviews to your homepage

Services Catalogue

Add unlimited services and information pages using the simple to use CMS system on which the package is built.   The website grows with your business and dynamically integrates your updates into current pages.

Help & Advice Blog

Attract new customers to your website with regular content such as help and advice articles about your business industry.

Becoming an authority and source of reliable knowledge is a recommended way to market yourselves to new clients.

Customisable Colour Scheme

The Helix Quickstart offers customisation of its colour scheme using an easy colour picker. 

Simply sign in and choose the colours that best represent your business and the look you want to achieve!

Rating & Reviews

Let your clients encourage more clients with a rating and commenting system directly integrated into your services information pages!

They simply need to click on a star or add a comment to let everyone know how much they've enjoyed your work

The Helix Quickstart

Your complete solution to a client friendly and professional online service

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